Receive me, My Redeemer


Acrylic on Canvas

90cm x 90cm x 4cm

Ready to hang

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Music for your eyes!

Months of immersion in the fugal works of Bach have resulted in this synaesthesia abstract painting. The Fugue has been part of my life for longer than months. I grew up saturated in Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms. Receive me, My Redeemer from St. Matthews Passion was a regular favourite as a young child due to the synaesthesia I engaged with, the sensitive melody, and the longing that I was unable to voice as a child but could feel in the music. Then in 1976, Paul Simon is playing on the stereo and the distinctive tune from Bach now has modern lyrics in English. Being only eight years old I was unable to share verbally how deeply this affected me, so I drew the music in my sketchbook using coloured pencils. I still remember smelling the wood and a hint of crayon. This is when I began to question if I was seeing music as the colours were different to the original Bach version I was familiar with. By the age of nine, I knew I was different and seeing sound. So, the incredible journey began.

Vibrant colours, patterns, intricate detail, and emotive painting gives form to the process of seeing sound. This original painting is elegant with a palette of muted orange, purple, and grey on a black background. Painted on premium canvas on a kiln-dried frame.

In my experience, the music of Fugue creates a sense of anticipation, expectation, and inevitability. There is a sensation of fleeing, searching, echoing then pursuit and a chase. The music is then powerfully resolved leaving me in a state of awe and wonder. I am left with the feeling that there is so much more that we are hearing in addition to the physical performance and actual sound produced. It echoes on through time, space our minds, and bodies.

My original abstract paintings portray the experience of seeing sound (Synaesthesia) and are performed by world-class musicians. In collaboration with acclaimed international musicians, Umberto Clerici (Cello) and  Daniel de Borah (Piano) my painting “Receive me, My Redeemer” was performed live allowing for a wonderful shared experience for the viewer to see sound like I do. I suggest listening to the music when viewing my work for a complete sensory experience. “Receive me, my Redeemer” from St. Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach.

This abstract artwork is a wonderful talking piece and will bring life to any room. Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions 90 × 4 × 90 cm
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