About Tanja Ackerman


Art, music, and creativity are the fabric of my being. I create from a unique perspective. As a Synaesthete Artist, I capture and share the powerful experience of seeing sound. Stunning abstract art portraying music. Synaesthesia is a gift in which hearing music and natural sounds results in a complex visual sensory experience. Come and SEE the Music.

I am a multimedia Artist expressing myself through painting, drawing, and music. My art is a manifestation of both my intense inner world and unique way of seeing the external world that we share. I embrace my heightened sensitivity, relentless creative thought, and energy and translate what I hear, see, sense, and feel so deeply into passionate works of art.

Inspired by music, a deep connection with mother nature and the divine I aim to create a connection with my viewer. A means to transport you to another world or way of seeing and interpreting with meaning what is all around us.

About my work

I have been seeing sound for as long as I can remember. Music and Art have been with me from my earliest days of childhood. Drawing detailed works as a small child my eye for detail has influenced most aspects of my work. I consider drawing as the foundation for most of my art practice.

I paint every day and spend many hours each week immersed in nature. This powerful relationship with the natural world informs my art, not only what I see and hear but through the felt sense and a deep connection with the unknown and nature's way of being in constant flux and movement. Through my art, I share my curiosity, inspiration, passion, daring, serenity, and my profound love affair with music. I want you to witness the miracle of our lives, share the mystery and the incredible beauty of our earth.

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