Acrylic on Canvas

Music: Composition by Tanja Ackerman


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This synaesthetic painting represents the music Tanja has composed to Dante’s Divine Comedy, Canto I the Panther.The panther animal totem is a very powerful and protective presence.  This creature is a fierce and aggressive guardian . The panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power. The Animal Symbolism in Canto I of Inferno emulates the negative connotation within animal imagery assumed by Christianity. Dante’s symbol, the panther, symbolises the sin of malice and fraud. However,in contrast, pre-Christian tradition embraces animal symbolism as a positive and powerful force, intrinsic to human nature. Those cultures focus on more “honourable” animal traits and distribute these characteristics to humans in a complimentary manner.

Dimensions 75 × 3 × 100 cm
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