Waltz after Lasse in Lyby


Acrylic / Ink on Canvas

100cm x 75cm x 3cm

Ready to hang


Waltz after Lasses in Lyby by Tanja Ackerman

“Waltz after Lasses in Lyby” is a magnificent Waltz played by The Danish String Quartet. The first time I heard it performed I was so moved and the synaesthesia (seeing sound) was so beautiful I simply had to paint it! A gorgeous abstract synaesthesia painting from my Kaleidoscope series. Music for your eyes!

The Quartet opens with harmonics followed by a melancholy melody which to me is permeated with hope and a sense of peace instead of just sadness. This elegant work is ethereal, peaceful, dreamy, flowing, and has an element of a distant possible future and or horizon. It flows to the music as a wonderful landscape of sound. This waltz was played by a traveling fiddler named Lasse who lived in Lyby in Sweden who played it so much that they named it after him.

My unique abstract paintings portray the experience of seeing sound (Synaesthesia) and are performed by world-class musicians. This painting was performed live by a string quartet in NSW, Australia creating a wonderful experience for the viewer to see sound like I do. I suggest listening to the music when viewing my work for a complete sensory experience. (Waltz after Lasses in Lyby- “Wood Works” 2014 Danish String Quartet).

This elegant work is deeply moving, elegant and ethereal, like the music itself. Painted on 360 GSM cotton/poly blend canvas with a kiln-dried wooden frame. This abstract artwork is a wonderful talking piece and will bring life to any room. Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

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