Acrylic on Canvas

100cm x 75cm x 3cm

Ready to hang


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“Prelude” is a warm abstract synaesthesia painting of Bach’s Prelude from Suite No.1 for Cello in G major. Music for your eyes!

This unique abstract painting is a strong scene of sound. The synaesthesia(seeing sound) results in deep hues of red, flowing delicate lines. I experience energised, motion-filled music with an even, peaceful yet energetic aspect. When listening I get a sense of “other voices” in that Bach is a genius in creating a ‘sound’ of multiplicity on a melodic instrument. You feel more notes than you hear. Bach took great advantage of the Cello when he composed what is now one of the most popular and recognisable solo cello works. The Prelude allows the cello to display its natural resonance. A smooth, natural, uplifting, positive (red) clear sound.

My original abstract paintings portray the experience of seeing sound (Synaesthesia) and are performed by world-class musicians. The Prelude of the 1st Suite for unaccompanied cello by J.S. Bach is possibly one of the most immediately recognisable solo works for the Cello. I suggest listening to the music when viewing my work for a complete sensory experience. (Prelude Cello Suite No. 1 in G major BWV 1007 J.S Bach).

This abstract artwork is a wonderful talking piece and will bring life to any room. Signed with a certificate of authenticity.


Dimensions 100 × 3 × 75 cm
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