Moonlight Sonata

Ink on Canvas

Limited Edition 3/10

Music:Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor Op 27 No. 2 – Beethoven


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Now you know  SEE music however, the Moonlight Sonata moves me in an emotional, aural, tactile, spiritual transporting manner. Through my painting, all my senses interact and respond to the hearing of the music and or combined with the visual and multi-sensorial experience of live performance. In the opening of the first movement my synaesthesia pulses with delicate blues rotating around a vibrating core. Deeply below is a network of vivid blue, white and an earthy yellow sienna gliding across a variable black background. I feel the scattered sunlight from the moon on my skin. The vibrational energy emanating from the piano inhales and exhales like slow calm breathing. I am moved to depths of a feeling of profundity and grace that I am only able to communicate through my painting. Words are inadequate.


Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 100 × 3 × 75 cm
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