Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas

100cm x 75cm x 4cm

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Vigstamoin by Tanja Ackerman

“Vigstamoin” is a creative response to a delightful Traditional folk tune originating from Norway. After numerous hours of listening to and dancing around my studio to “Vigstamoin” by the Danish String Quartet a beautiful, complex detailed layered circle was painted onto a green variant background. Conveying a sense of strength, solidarity, and being grounded.

My original abstract paintings portray the experience of seeing sound (Synaesthesia) and are performed by world-class musicians. This painting was performed live by a string quartet in NSW, Australia creating a wonderful experience for the viewer to see sound like I do. I suggest listening to the music when viewing my work for a complete sensory experience. ( Vigstamoin – “Wood Works” 2014 Danish String Quartet)

This elegant work is both peaceful and strong, like the music itself. Painted on 360 GSM cotton/poly blend canvas with a kiln-dried wooden frame. This abstract artwork is a wonderful talking piece and will bring life to any room. Music for your eyes! Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

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