Power and the Passion


Power and the Passion

Ink on Canvas

Limited Edition 2/10

Music: power and the Passion – Midnight Oil


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Australian icon Peter Garrett and the unique Midnight Oil rock band are the subject of this synaesthetic painting. When I hear the music on “Power and the Passion” deep red throbbing shapes fading to pale pinks with a purple core, aqua blue swirling shapes with a core of orange, contrasted by orange spinning images with blue cores accompany me and travel across my visual field. The wide range of Midnight Oil’s influences become clear, as you hear elements ranging from punk to jazz in the arrangement of the song.The presence of Peter Garrett both visual and auditory are just as distinctive as the music of the band with which he sings. There is no mistaking him, a mighty vocalist. He transitions from singing to speaking with ease, demanding total attention, which is apt considering the intent and deep meaning that pervades nearly all the songs in the Midnight Oil Repertoire.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 3 × 50 cm
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