Acrylic/Ink on Canvas
Ready to Hang
40cm x 40cm x 3cm

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Wondering how this abstract painting relates to Manga? As a Synaesthete I can see sound. I have used my unique ability to paint soundtracks from anime movies based on Manga.

L-Latte is a beautiful piece of music by Hiroyuki Sawano. Composed for the Japanese animated fantasy film “Prisoners of the Sky” (2018) based on the manga series “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

A soundscape filled with longing, hope and a sense of faraway places. Provides me with a perspective that is greater than my own and a sense of increased awareness.
Stringed instruments and in particular the cello fills my synaesthetic mind with flowing reds which deepen into a rich burgundy as the sound of the cello saturates my visual field. The piano is a pale mint coloured nest of circular forms that stream in gentle pulses like a jellyfish gliding through the ocean.

I suggest listening to the music whilst viewing my painting.

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