Cold Heart


Acrylic on Canvas
Ready to Hang
40cm x 40cm x 3cm

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In this unique emotive abstract synaesthesia painting inspired by Elton John’s “Cold Heart,” the canvas comes alive with a vibrant dance of colours that encapsulates the essence of the song. The pulsating background serves as the heartbeat of the composition, constantly changing and evolving, echoing the rhythmic nature of the music.

The predominant hues are delicious greens, blues and apricot, creating a sense of  introspection. These colours swirl and intermingle, forming intricate patterns that mirror the emotional complexity of the lyrics. The use of apricot and bright green adds warmth and a touch of vulnerability, reminiscent of the tender moments within the song.

White streaks cut through the composition like fleeting emotions, symbolizing the highs and lows conveyed through Elton John’s powerful vocals. The detailed swirling imagery captures the dynamic and ever-shifting nature of the melody, translating it onto the canvas in a visual symphony of movement.

As the colours dance and blend together, they create a harmonious yet poignant atmosphere, reflecting the bittersweet emotions of “Cold Heart.”  My synaesthetic interpretation aims to capture not only the auditory experience of the song but also the rich emotional tapestry it weaves, inviting the viewer to explore the depths of the music through the language of colour and form.

The entire canvas pulsates with life, echoing the heartbeat of the music. Music for your eyes! Bringing to life any room and a centre piece for conversation.

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