The Thrill Is Gone


Acrylic on Canvas
Ready to Hang
45cm x 60cm x 3cm

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B.B. King collaborated with Tracy Chapman for a remake of his famous hit and 35th studio album “Deuces Wild”.

Tracy Chapman has had a lasting impact on me. Her robust throaty contralto voice simply does me in. Combine that with the raw and soulful BB King and how could I not paint this amazing track. The way Tracy sings the blues made me listen over and over as she is such a wonderful storyteller. Simply an amazing emotional, touching, soul-filled rendition of “The Thrill is Gone”.

My synaesthesia was so exciting that it was a challenge to choose which part of the song to isolate and convey onto the canvas. I chose the beginning section with both their voices and BB King’s guitar. Tracy has a wonderful green-hued voice, BB King hues of silver, and his guitar playing swirling orange on a burgundy background.

I suggest listening to the music when viewing my work to experience my Music for your eyes!

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